Can Ràfols dels Caus

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In 1979 Carlos Esteva decided to go live at his grandfather’s estate, where he dedicated himself entirely to the production of quality wines under the name of Can Rafols dels Caus. A winery committed to wine excellence, with a unique character and identity.

Twenty-five years after the start of his oenological activity, Carlos decided to build a new winery to better work micro winemaking. It is fully integrated into the landscape of the Garraf Massif, surrounded by hills, deep valleys and steep slopes. The philosophy and style of the winery is transmitted to the wines, making them noble, elegant, authentic and differentiated.

Possibility to carry out visits, corporate events and celebrations, have a wide experience in the design, organization and execution of events. Finally, it should be mentioned that Carlos Esteva has been nominated holder of the prestigious “Académie Internationale du Vin”, as a reward for the excellent work done over so many years.

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