Comando G Viticultores

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Three young friends who work in different wineries and who, as a hobby, decide to create Comando G to try to make the best Grenache wine in the world. The 3 would meet in the master’s degree in oenology in 2005, it would be 3 years later when the Comando G project was born.

They would start by locating small vineyards with old Grenache vines in the Sierra de Gredos, in addition, they would buy several hectares of old Grenache between Cadalso de los Vidrios and Rozas de Puerto Real. Here his personal challenge of producing high-quality and elegant wines would begin, with a very widespread but little considered grape. Challenge that they would be able to achieve, since currently their wines are considered high-end.

Wines baptized with very curious names and marketed via the Internet, the winery produces and sells between 15,000 and 20,000 bottles each year, an example of a successful company that has always focused on quality rather than quantity.

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