Les Cousins

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Les cousins is the most ambitious project of cousins Marc and Adrià Pérez, two cousins who have lived and shared the atmosphere and work of the winery since childhood. They have worked together on the family farms (Mas Martinet and Cims de Porrera, the latter where they currently produce their wine due to the absence of their own winery) and have toured various wine regions of the world, with France being the most marked and influenced.

They are located in the town of Porrera (Tarragona), since the Priorat is the land they know best, understand and identify with the most. After many tests and experiments with different vinifications, his idea began to take shape in 2007 with the purchase of 12,500 kg of grapes from various winemakers in Porrera.

Nice entry wine and light passage, easy to drink, all thanks to the delicious fruit, the pleasant spices and the mineral notes. A wine labeled with an artistic motif, using a lot of color, striking and jovial.

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