Pazo Señorans

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A pazo converted into a winery, built in the countryside with the charm and lordship of past times, brought to market its first harvest in 1989, but the cultivation of the vineyard begins earlier. The pazo and the winery, initially owned by the couple formed by Marisol Bueno and Javier Mereque, are now in the hands of their 4 children: Marisol, Vicky, Javier and Santiago.

Working with a philosophy of trying to make wines a reflection of the land in which they are born and believing in their full potential, from young wines to the growth capacity of the variety over time.

They carry out research and development projects, for the study of local varieties, the care of the vineyard and its impact on the environment, which conveys incredible confidence to anyone who goes to taste one of their wonderful wines.

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Pazo Señorans

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