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D.O Catalonia

Catalonia Denomination of Origin was approved in 1999, but wine has been present in the Catalan territory for more than 2000 years, possessing 4000 hectares of vineyards scattered throughout the territory.

Many of them can be found around monasteries of the Middle Ages, since before the monks were the ones who had the royal permission to produce wine.

The Mediterranean climate predominates, so we can see that there are many hours of sunshine and summers are not very hot.

The vines are cultivated in a traditional way, and we can find 25 different varieties of grapes.

It has white wines, rosé wines and red wines, but also traditional liquor, mistelles, rancid and natural sweets. White wines are light and fruity, and red wines are powerful and balanced.

Therefore, we can describe the Denomination of Origin Catalonia with the words consolidate, create and innovate, which makes this distinctive in a bottle a guarantee of quality for the consumer.

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