Happy new year!

The young wines of the last vintage are here!

But, do you already know the differences between a young wine, a crianza, a reserve and a great reserve?

Although the classification differs worldwide, we will focus on ours. Essentially, what is taken into account is the maturation and aging time that they have been given in the winery (although some D.O. also require some more parameters). Contrary to what it may seem, it should be noted that this classification does not define a quality scale, for example a young wine may be an exceptional wine. And without forgetting that the best wine is the one you like the most.

The first wines to come out of a vintage are young wines. They are usually fresh, fruity, light, easy and simple, because they have only been in the barrel for less than 6 months. They preserve and express the natural notes of the grape, since the nuances of contact with the wood typical of crianza and reserva do not emerge. Not because they are young, they are of lower quality, but the first of each vintage.

The Breeding classification is found for those wines that have aged a minimum of 24 months (18 in the case of whites and rosés), of which at least 6 have been in barrels. The wood, normally oak, will exert a transforming power in the resulting aromas and tastes, mutating from the fruit to the wood with its notes of spices and toasts. When they are not in the barrel, we find them already in bottles in a horizontal position, sealed with cork and away from light. Later they can be consumed up to 10 years later.

The wines classified as Reserve have aged a minimum of 36 months (24 in the case of whites and rosés), of which at least 12 have been in barrels (6 in whites and rosés). It will follow the same aging process, but they can be consumed even beyond 10 years, especially when the good vintage is worth it.

For their part, the wines classified as Great Reserve have aged in search of depth and refinement for a minimum of 60 months (48 in the case of whites and rosés), of which at least 18 have been in barrels (6 whites and pink). Like the Reserva, you can enjoy them further in the years, and they are made from the most exceptional vintages.

Like a new season of that series that you like so much, a new vintage has been born from the same vineyards. The important thing is to know what you like, and to be able to enjoy it every year.


Txin-txin, for a diVINE year!