Dominio de Pingus - Peter Sisseck

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Peter Sisseck is a Copenhagen-born engineer and winemaker who has been in Spain since 1990. It has a winery called Dominio de Pingus, which by means of an artisan elaboration and low production give the final product an excellent quality. The winery is located in Quintanilla de Onésimo, Valladolid.

Its wines are among the most valued in the whole world, apparently thanks to its 5 hectares of old vines and a very controlled selection. The first vintage came in 1996, with a very limited production of 325 bottles, which were exported to the US and sold out there for 200 dollars each. In 2004 they received for the first time the first 100 points from the critic Robert Parker.

Pingus, its greatest creation, is one of the works of art par excellence at national level, it is a wine whose price amounts to more than 1000 euros a bottle. This was the first garage wine to be made and then be the most expensive in the country.

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