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At Menade they replace chemical treatments with other natural techniques, such as plant infusions (nettles, cinnamon…) or whey, which are more respectful of the soil, the vine and the yeasts.

Far from being enemies, the insects that populate the Menade vineyard are faithful allies in the prevention of pests. First they are attracted with aromatic extracts because they act as predators and then they rest in their ‘hotels’, pollination gardens full of aromatic plants where insects and reptiles live in harmony.

The ecosystem of the farms is completed with a series of mobile shrubs and trees in order to improve the biodiversity that populates the vineyard. A multi-species garden with more than 40 species of Castilla y León that is alive all year round welcomes you to the winery.

All these practices have an impact on the final result of the wines, because in addition to being rich, they feel good. They make wines that are free of allergens and histamines.

Through all these mechanisms, Menade has taken a step beyond the organic label. They are no longer green, they are natural.

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Menade Verdejo

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Menade Nosso

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