Now the vineyards are sleeping. Nudes
Do you know why?

The process of the fall of the leaves have been finished, the strain has been prepared to withstand the low temperatures and has got rid of the plant part and the shoots.

It is also the ideal time for pruning. The shoots are cut and the growth of the vine is guided in a respectful way. So with less fruit there will be more quality. Less is more. If not, the vine could extend up to 30m, the vineyards would be a jungle and the grapes would be small and with little maturity.

This pruning process favors the regeneration of the plant, and lengthens the life of the vineyard. It makes its measurement easier to pass and the space to do agricultural work, and above all to ensure the quality of the next harvest.

Now then, just before the intense cold, the winter pruning is done. Later, in spring, it can be supplemented again with green pruning, and everything will be ready to collect the fruits with the optimum quality!

At Homeliers we also prepare for the season, to continue enjoying the fruits of the vineyards that now sleep.
You will find the packs, also prepared to give away, to show off, to look good.

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